Hey peeps, catch our pal Patrick Murphy in action on KCAL 9. Celebrity fitness trainer Patrick Murphy worked with Olivia Wilde to help her get in top shape preparing her for the demanding physical role as Quorra in Tron: Legacy. Patrick's workout routine will help keep you looking great on the red carpet or down the aisle of your wedding ceremony. Click here to view Patrick's workout advice on KCAL 9. Additional, visit To Live And Diet In L.A. blog for details of Olivia Wilde's workout regimen.

Items needed for workout:

Jump Rope:
- High calorie burner (more than cardio equipment!), establishes coordination, strengthens your cardio respiratory system!

- Great for compound exercises
- Dumbells allow for endless amount of options for exercises — many more than what a typical gym machine would offer you

- Another great option for resistance training, bands are great for fixing posture (hello desk jockeys!)
- Can be wrapped around items at home (desk, chair, door handle) to create unique moves.

For more workout and membership info, visit MurphyFitness.com

Click here to view Patrick's workout advice on KCAL 9.

Click here to view Olivia Wilde's workout routine on To Live And Diet In L.A.

Photos courtesy of Disney