This month, our studio has been running at full steam creatively. By the look of things, it's probably not going to slow down anytime soon. We started the month with the release of YWD Magazine Fall/Winter 2011 issue hitting the news stand featuring our photography of these wildly creative out of the box wedding bouquet design ideas. Next up, we photographed a wedding on a yacht then flew over to Cabo, Mexico for a magical destination wedding.

Then I got a phone call from Hidden Beach Recordings telling me that they are releasing a new Jill Scott CD titled "from the vault". The CD will be featuring tracks that was previously recorded for her debut album but did not make it to the original release. I am sure this CD will be filled with gems. We were ecstatic to find out our iconic archived images of Jill Scott will also be accompanying this release...woot woot!

I remember back in 2000, when I was handed an advanced copy of "Words and Sounds Vol. 1" from Hidden Beach after our initial creative brief. I became an instant fan after listening to the intro track and was totally hypnotized by her beautiful and effortless vocals on "Gettin' in the Way", "A Long Walk" and "Brotha".

Being such a huge fan of Jill Scott music, I am honored to have the chance to meet and photographed miss Jill Scott for her first album "Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1". During the production of the photo shoot, I spend the whole prep day touring and location scouting the streets of Philly with Jill (which was alot of fun). We even visit her family in the neighborhood. When the album dropped, it hit double platinum and earned several Grammy nominations and eventually winning a Grammy Award for best urban/alternative performance.

With so much excitement and activities in and out of the studio, we are ready for many more blessing coming our way now. Bring it on!