We are so excited to help spread the word of Picture Perfect Events new website launch. Kelley Gin of PPE worked with her fabulous designer Tianyi Wang Goudey of Tiselle Letterpress + Design along with her team Christen and Jesse Cutrona. As a fan of graphic design, it was sheer joy to see the website's new design aesthetics laid out so gorgeously with so much attention to detail. Totally made our day! It felt like a scene from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971 original version of course) when we were all gently gliding down the chocolate stream inside the factory and feeling so much emotion, love, joy, and happiness... moments like this can be experienced by all of Kelley's event. And landing on PPE's new website design gave me that same experience, I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't wait to get to the next page and wanted to click on every button to see what's behind it. We love the gold hues with the elegant crisp line element complimenting the modern typeface while juxtaposed with the script lettering so delicately. The delicate and simplicity of the design approach is confident and humble echoing Kelley's less is more philosophy gracefully. All of the design and photo coexist harmoniously within it's content like a soft beautiful dance between two ballet dancers being in love. PPE's website never had to prove it's strength, but the presence of Kelley's exquisite design aesthetic is always present throughout the website. What makes this website amazing is the fact that Kelley has managed to help transform and evoke that same excitement that a guest would feel at any of her events, and she sure made it happen with a big wow factor. Congratulations Kelley and wishing you continued success. Your endless hours of attention put toward this website has finally came into fruition. We are so blessed and humble to be a part of your photography team.